OK, so our booth doesn't look quite like the picture, but it IS the most compact booth around.

It's suitable for any size location, even a living room, with a footprint of about 3ft square.

Unlike other operators, we are actually photographers, so whilst you're having fun, we care about producing a good quality image.

Our booth contains a Canon DSLR camera and we use a dye sublimation printer that prints durable, professional quality prints.

And we provide a good selection of props so however often your guests come to the booth, they'll look different every time. They may even smile.

Also unlike other operators, we include the things as standard that they call extras.

Prints for example. One for you, one for the guests. A guest book to put them in.  A pen so guests can write a comment or greeting in the book. Or, heaven forbid, draw something in the book.

We'll customize the prints for you - 'Happy Birthday Mavis' for example. Or whatever is appropriate to your name and the occasion. Free

If we have an internet connection we'll also include an upload to social media. Free.

And at the end of the session along with the prints and guest book you'll get a USB stick with all the image files on.

Better yet, we have a very simple scale of charges based solely around how long you want us at your event.

Nothing else.

No extras.

Simple. Call now on 07846941687 to book Booth-in-a-Box and let us sort it all out for you.

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